Dubrovnik One-Week Workation
Dubrovnik One-Week Workation

September 10 - 17 2022

Dubrovnik One-Week Workation

Dubrovnik is an amazing Croatian city on the Mediterranean coast. In late summer, we gather for the week of a lifetime on the Adriatic.



There are not many cities like Dubrovnik. You may have heard that Croatia is heating up as a tourist destination — a Balkan country just across the Adriatic Sea from Italy's boot. There are lots of great places in Croatia, but Dubrovnik is really something special, and we want to bring people together in this old-and-new city.This is a city that welcomes digital nomads and remote workers. One week — accommodations provided, coworking community provided, opening and closing dinners provided, and optional day-trip events provided (we hope you decide to go!) Let's talk about something that's really special about Dubrovnik: The Old Town. It really is an insanely well-preserved medieval fortress. You can traipse down the cobblestone streets, it's like taking a time machine to 200... or even 400 years ago. There's a reason the showrunners at HBO chose this city as the setting for the fictional "King's Landing" in Game of Thrones. It really is fantastic-al. But there's lot's more going on, including great restaurants, great hikes, great city life and all kinds of opportunities to experience a Slavic/Balkan culture up close. This is a week you are not going to forget that will not only give you a taste of Dubrovnik, but enough ideas to make this a launching pad for further European travels. Did we mention we will travel just under two hours away to a different country!! Underrated, best-kept-secret-that-won't-be-secret-for-long, the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro is SERIOUSLY beautiful. Imagine a bay nestled in between majestic mountains. The kind of thing you expect to see in, like, Norway (where they call it a 'fjord'), or Hong Kong, or Vancouver — but in this case, it's sitting right there on the Adriatic coast. That's Kotor in nearby Montenegro. We're so excited to bring a group together for an UNFORGETTABLE week. Make this a launching pad for European travels, lifelong friends and connections, and adventures in a seriously up-and-coming Mediterranean city.


Walk the walls of Old Town Dubrovnik

We will take you on a journey around a medieval fort town — the Old Town of Dubrovnik — which has stood the test of time and is now one of the most iconic sites on the Adriatic and in the entire Mediterranean.

Tour the Bay of Kotor in Montenegro

Take a short one-hour drive with the group to a different country — Montenegro. The Bay of Kotor is a "fjord on the Mediterranean" and an absolutely underrated gem in the area. Explore the cities of Kotor, the Kotor Old Town after sipping coffee and cappuccinos in the seaside harbor town of Perast.

Elaphite Islands Cruise

The Elaphite or Elaphiti islands are a small archipelago northwest of Dubrovnik. Sail out on a boat with lunch and drinks included for a nautical tour that takes you away from the mainland and in and around magical islands.



Dubrovnik Old Town

Arrival - Day 1 (Sunday)

After checking in and settling into your accommodation, whether that be at a nearby hotel or villa depending on your preference — we will have an opening dinner at Dubrovnik Old Town.

Sample the best of what Dubrovnik has to offer, as the sun sets, and meet the fellow digital nomad community you will be spending the rest of the week with,


Shuttle to accommodations 🚐

Dinner 🍽


Co-Working Dubrovnik

First Day of Co-Working - Day 2 (Monday Morning)

On Monday we'll introduce you to your coworking space!

Rest easy, knowing that you will have fast Wi-Fi, a dedicated desk and the ability to use meeting rooms and phone booths to make phone calls.
Gather for a fun and friendly breakfast and meet your fellow digital nomads who will be spending time in Dubrovnik throughout the week!


Breakfast ☕️


Dubrovnik Old Town

Old Town Walls Tour — After Work on Day 4 (Wednesday)

After work on Day 4, we'll head out for a tour of the Old Town and walk around the famous medieval walls of the Old Town. Whether you like recent history, ancient history, great food or Game of Thrones — there will be something for you to look forward to during the Old Town Walls tour.


Lemonade 😃

Water 💧



Elaphiti Islands

Afternoon Trip to Elaphiti Islands on Day 6 (Friday)

After a fun week of hanging out with other digital nomads, working remotely from your coworking space and touring some of the Old Town of Dubrovnik, on Friday afternoon there will be an optional trip to the Elaphite or Elaphiti islands.
Cruise on a sailboat to explore an archipelago of islands just northwest of the city of Dubrovnik off the coast.





Dubrovnik to Kotor, and back

Day Trip to the Bay of Kotor on Day 7 (Saturday)

We'll take an air-conditioned fleet of cars down the coast to — a entirely new country! Montenegro is less than an hour away and on Saturday we will spend a full day on an optional trip to the wonderful, breath-taking and totally underrated Bay of Kotor in Montenegro.

Whether sipping coffee on the piers of Perast, walking through the Kotor Old Town, or making the hike up to the top of the mountains of Kotor to get a bucket-list photo shoot from the top of the bay looking down — you will get to take a nice break from the city of Dubrovnik and see something amazing to cap off the week.



Not Included

Dinner and drinks at your leisure in Old Town Kotor



Departure on Day 8 (Sunday)

We'll have a shuttle ready to to take you to the airport at any time you need on Sunday!
If you need to head to Split or Zagreb, we can also arrange transportation as well. You'll leave with amazing memories and a bucket list of new places you want to go. Maybe you'll even know a few words in Croatian.


Shared Hostel Dorm

Shared Hostel Dorm

Enjoy the backpacker lifestyle with a convenient hostel dorm right in the heart of Old Town!


Hotel Room

Hotel Room

A great room in a nice hotel in downtown Dubrovnik


Villa Apartment

Villa Apartment

A place all to yourself in a seaside area near the Adriatic coast.



Curtis Duggan is an experienced digital nomad and has spent time in Dubrovnik, Split and other parts of Croatia and Montenegro

Curtis Duggan

Curtis Duggan

Curtis Duggan is a serial entrepreneur, remote worker, digital nomad and editor of Wayviator.com.

A lover of the Adriatic coast, Curtis has spend time in Dubrovnik, Split and other parts of Croatia including Montenegro. He especially likes spending time in the Bay of Kotor.

What's included:

Airport pickup and dropoff

Coworking Space

Private Room

Fast Wi-Fi

Community Manager On-Site


Tour of Old Town Dubrovnik Walls

Day Trip to Kotor, Montenegro

Afternoon sailing trip to the Elaphiti Islands

Events Program

24/7 Concierge Available via Messaging

Join a network of 100s of digital nomads


We will pre-arrange a shuttle for you, and your driver will meet you at the airport and take you to your accommodations in a hotel or villa setting, depending on your preference.

Although Croatia may adopt the euro in 2023, for now they have their own national currency which is called the kuna. You can arrange to have kuna cash on hand prior to leaving, or we can help you exchange currency on the ground in Dubrovnik.

We will have a dinner on Day 1 (Sunday), and another Dinner on Day 4 (Wednesday) after the tour of the Walls of Dubrovnik.

Additionally, we will have a breakfast at the coworking space on Day 2 (Monday) and on the final day (Day 8 Sunday.
We'll also have a lunch reservation for the middle of the day when we go to Kotor, Montenegro.
These are the times where we have group dinners planned — in all other cases feel free to plan your meals as you see fit and perhaps try some things in smaller groups with your fellow nomads!

There is some minor paperwork that we will handle for you in order to cross the border into Montenegro, if you decide to come on that tour.

Trip Tips

Trip Tip: Check out Restaurant Portun in Dubrovnik's Old Town
Trip Tip: Check out Restaurant Portun in Dubrovnik's Old Town

Restaurant Portun started its business 13 years ago and since then we strived to offer a wide array of dishes to satisfy our customer’s any desire. With their wonderful menu they try to capture the imagination of the Adriatic and deliver the magic of Mediterranean cuisine.

Dubrovnik One-Week Workation

Croatia| September 10 - 17 2022| 7 nights